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How to List & Sell

A Solid Foundation

Creating a solid foundation for anything and everything in life is highly important since we all know what may happen when you take a jump rather than working step by step.

To achieve an optimum outcome for the sale of your property it is also important to plan ahead so that after months on the market you and your agent don’t fall in the same trap as many home owners and say “we should have done it this way or we should have done that way later on”. Key planning is the most important part of the sales process it is strongly advised that every owner wishing to sell their property should at the very least make certain that their professional estate agent has demonstrated a step by step action plan that will ensure the property being dealt with is sold and is sold for thousands more. In addition your agent must also lead the way to make certain that after your property is sold, you will find yourself smooth sailing into your new purchase or if different smooth sailing to whatever goal in particular that you’re wishing to achieve.

Listed below are tips on how to List & Sell, if you wish to discuss your circumstances further, please feel free contact List & Sell Real Estate anytime.
How do we get from one place to another?
Where will the furniture go?
Minimising Buyer Objections
Are Real Estate Agents All The Same? 

How do we get from one place to another?

If you’re wishing to sell the current property you’re living in, in order to purchase another, the best advice we can give you is to plan ahead. Once your property is sold you really won’t have much time to purchase another, if you’re wanting flexibility and control call us today.

Where will the furniture go?

If you are not simultaneously selling and buying or selling to rent a property, it is a must that you prepare for where all your goods will be kept before your property is for sale. It is important to research where you can keep your furniture. This might mean having to pay for storage so that it’s kept secure or organising to keep it with someone close to you. Preparing for where your goods will be before marketing your property for sale is important so that when you have an irresistible offer, you are prepared to accept it with no hesitation.

Minimising Buyer Objections

The time you spend preparing your property to be at its absolute best before it’s for sale, the better the outcome will be for you overall. Before your property goes on the market it is smart to perfect it as much as possible so that there are fewer objections and more offers. Perfecting your property may not mean that you have to spend any money on it. Every property is different so individual advice catered to your individual property is recommended. If you require additional information on your specific property we trust that you will call us when the time comes.

Specific Marketing for a Specific Property

Your property is different to your next door neighbour’s home. That’s why we must carefully pick the best possible marketing campaign that is geared specifically towards your property. We want to ensure that your property is high in demand. We want the advertisement to cover all prospective purchasers. We want to ensure that we knock out the competition and attract the highest volume of willing and able buyers towards your property by carefully selecting the marketing campaign specific to your property and its needs. Call us today to discuss.

Are Real Estate Agents All The Same?

Yes they mostly are! But we aren’t! Here’s why:

  • We are focused, caring & motivated
  • We are good listeners
  • Well spoken
  • We use excellent body language
  • We are informative
  • We are opened to your opinion
  • We are upfront, honest and confronting
  • Well organised and prepared
  • We apply a powerful marketing program catered specifically towards your property
  • We are professional negotiators, and
  • We are all well groomed.

Finding the right agent to sell your property is the most important part of the sales process and we will love to show you why. Call us today for a friendly chat we’ll love to help you!


List & Sell Real Estate believes that all information contained herein to be true and correct to the best of our ability and in no way misleading, however all interested parties are advised to carry out their own enquiries and relevant searches.

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